Friday, May 6, 2011

Boise Divorce Attorney - Idaho Family Law Lawyers - Child Support

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As a Boise Divorce Attorney I regularly deal with child support issues. Child support can be associated with a divorce, custody, paternity or modification.  In any of these areas, child support can also revolve around public assistance.
When a parent with a child support order is on state assistance that parent does not receive both state assistance and the child support payment from the other parent.  They must assign their right to child support payments to the state in exchange for continued receipt of public assistance.  If the other parent was in arrears (behind on child support) prior to the parent applying for assistance, the right to those monies remain with the parent and are not assigned to the state.

The policy behind the assignment of the right to the child support money is to prevent double dipping.  What this means is that part of the public assistance monies received by needy families provides for their support so getting public assistance as well as child support would be unfairly benefiting.  The parent who owes child support pursuant to the divorce decree, custody order or modification order still owes the child support, but that support goes to reimburse the state of Idaho for providing support for the children.

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