Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boise Divorce Attorney - Boise Family Law Lawyers - Custody Attorneys in Boise, ID - Maintaining an Alimony Award Even Into a New Marriage

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Alimony isn't exactly and outdated concept in Idaho, although it is not awarded very often anymore.  I have discussed in previous blogs how a Boise Divorce Attorney might go about securing a spousal support award for a client.  Today, however, I am going to discuss what happens when a spousal support award is in effect and the party receiving the alimony remarries.

It would make sense to anyone, especially Boise Divorce Lawyers, that once one is remarried, an alimony award should go away.  Because the law is the way the law it is, however, this is not necessarily the case.  If  alimony is ordered by a judge in a divorce decree, then once the party remarries the spousal support order will cease to be in effect.  If, however, alimony is agreed to by the parties in mediation, for example, it may not go away, depending upon how the mediation agreement is drafted. 

This just highlights how important it is to have a Boise Divorce Attorney review any mediation agreement before you sign it.  Sometimes in divorce matters emotions run high and agreements can be made as an emotional knee jerk, often just to get the thing over with.  This is where it is critical to have your agreement reviewed by your divorce lawyer and to evaluate with them why you are agreeing to what you are agreeing to.

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  1. My divorce never was decided by a judge. My former husband and I agreed to everything and then the judge signed off on it. My Spousal support ends 3 years after the divorce. Nothing was written in there about death or remarriage for me. I am getting married in August. From what we are being told, my support does not legally stop until the 3 years is up. We are Kootenai County residents.
    Any thoughts on this?

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