Thursday, May 29, 2014

Finding a Boise Divorce Attorney - Need to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer - You Have Come to the Right Place

Who is the Best Divorce Attorney in Boise?  Who is the Most Aggressive Criminal Attorney in Boise?

How do you find the best divorce attorney for you?  What about finding the best criminal lawyer or bankruptcy attorney?  Need to find a savvy probate attorney or business lawyer?  These are questions which are often raised when I receive calls from potential clients.  And this is why at Kershisnik Law, PLLC we offer a free consultation.

Finding a good divorce attorney or a criminal lawyer is not only important for your case, but it is also important for your peace of mind.  Not everyone likes to wear Nike Shoes and not everyone likes to eat McDonald's.  The same is true for your divorce attorney, criminal lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, probate attorney, business lawyer or personal injury lawyer.  Every person has a different style as does every attorney.

What to Look For in A Boise Divorce Attorney, Criminal Lawyer Etc.

So if there are a lot of good attorneys out there, and arguably even more "best" attorneys, how do you find the shoe that fits?  In my years of legal practice I have found several things that are helpful to aid you in finding an attorney who is a great fit.

First, a free consultation is indispensable.  It gives both the client and the attorney the opportunity to see if they hit it off.  You might not think that the attorney needs to be comfortable with the client but they do.  I have had situations where I turned work away because I did not hit it off with the client.  One person came in for a consultation.  When they arrived I grabbed the complaint they had forwarded to me from my secretary and took a moment to read it.  They looked at me with utter disdain.  They were appalled that I had not yet read the complaint.  I explained that there are several reasons why I wait to read the documents until the potential client has come in.  First, just because someone makes an appointment, doesn't mean they will come in.  In my busy schedule I cannot be reading complaints for enjoyment.  Secondly, I like to have their information fresh in my head when I am with them one on one.  Reading is a huge part of my job and I have a good memory, but would you want your doctor to not have read your chart minutes before operating on you?  And on and on.....This particular person was not impressed with my individual attention.  I suggested that she find a different attorney.

Second, an attorney who is not afraid of suggesting that you get a second opinion is, at first glance, a good choice.  I have prospective clients come to me with cases where I see no legal action or where I see that they would lose if they tried to bring suit.  I always suggest that it is my opinion and someone else might see it differently.

Third, along the lines of the above, a good attorney will tell you what they see as strong points in your case and weak points that you might have to deal with.  Also, in this regard, the whole expanse of your case may not be clear at first and in fact in all cases facts and evidence arise that can change the course of what was originally thought.

The fourth thought is price.  High price, low price, payment plan are not necessarily good things to judge a lawyer by.  Some attorneys might undercut the price to get you to sign up.  An attorney's fee is based upon the time they spend working on your case.  Do you really want the McDonald's Dollar Menu for your attorney just because it is cheap?  Likewise, very expensive attorneys do not necessarily mean the best attorneys.  Some people over value their worth and their ability.  There are a lot of cocky lawyers, but do you want an attorney who might mess up your case because they over value themselves? Likewise, there are people who like to try and impress others by how much they had to spend on their lawyer and try to give the impression that they had the best attorney because they were pricey.  Don't get caught up in image and snobbery.  Anyone who matters can see right through it.  If someone is impressed by another's bragging, they are equally trying to impress you too.  Attorneys in general are not cheap because they have spent many years educating themselves, but dollar amounts should not be your primary reason for choosing an attorney.

How to Make the Client Lawyer Relationship Successful

Like the question about choosing the best attorney in Boise, I also have learned a lot about making the client/attorney relationship a successful one.

First, listen to your attorney.  Your attorney has spent years mastering the law.  The law is not necessarily based on fairness or common sense.  Your attorney knows the judges and the other lawyers and how best to work out the situation for you.

Second, ask questions but do realize that having your attorney on speed dial will cost money.  It is important to know what is going on in your case but your attorney is busy helping others just like you.  That is not to say do not call them, but make sure that you are not using your attorney as an ear just to gripe.

Third, realize your attorney knows what is going on.  Often a case will go very fast and then slow way down so it seems like nothing is happening.  This is the way the legal system works.  Tickle your attorney now and then if you think you have been overlooked and even let them know that, but also realize the nature of the law is hurry up and slow down.

Fourth, stay apprised of your bill so there is no sticker shock in the end.  You will need to put down a retainer at the begging of your case but that may not be the end of what you will have to pay.  If you have a payment plan make sure you look at your statements to see how much you are out of pocket and if you have a billing question don't be afraid to ask about it.  Mistakes happen but it is better to clear it up before it is far down the road.  Some people never check their statements and in the end they might say that they don't want to pay that much or they are unhappy.  In general, the unhappiness stems from the cost, not the result.

And finally let your attorney know if you are confused, want something different or need help.  Your attorney is a trained professional who can provide you valuable information or direct you to a person who can help you.  Take advantage of their training and take what they have to offer you.

If you need to find a Boise Divorce Attorney, Criminal Lawyer, DUI Lawyer, Bankruptcy Attorney, Business Attorney or Personal Injury Lawyer, give us a call for your free consultation and see what we can do for you. 208-472-2383.  Call today.


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