Friday, January 4, 2013

Boise DUI Attorney - How Will a DUI Effect My Job - (208) 472-2383

As a Boise Criminal Attorney I often get anxious calls from individuals who have gotten a DUI.  They are not only concerned about the consequences of being charged with a crime, but also the widespread effects on other aspects of their lives.  DUI can wreak havoc on your personal life as well as on your employment. Probably the second or third most frequent question I get as a Boise DUI Lawyer is, "Will I lose my job?"

There is no universal answer to this question.  A lot of it depends upon your employer.  Does your employer have a policy on DUI charges?  Is there a zero tolerance for criminal charges at your workplace?  Will your termination depend upon your job performance?

If you are charged with a DUI and you are aware of a no tolerance policy or your boss approaches you to discuss termination, what should you do?  First, you should remain calm.  If there is an across the board termination requirement for DUI, ask your boss to wait until the final outcome.  Just because you have been charged with a crime doesn't mean you will be convicted of a crime.  You might be lucky and have one of those cases where there was improper search, lack of probable cause or some other situation that would result in a dismissal of your case or a conviction on a lesser charge.

Termination based upon a DUI or a conviction of a crime often has to do with the company's public reputation.  Can you imagine the hypocrisy a police officer getting a DUI?  Also, remember that a charge for driving under the influence can mean having drunk too much or having illegal drugs in your system (or too much prescription drugs or over the counter drugs in your system resulting in an impairment of your ability to drive).  Your boss may not want the public to believe that his employees are drug users, especially if your job revolves around public service or safety.

If you have been charged with a DUI or a crime in Idaho and need to speak to either a Boise Criminal Attorney or a Boise DUI Lawyer, give us a call and see what we can do for you, (208) 472-2383


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