Friday, September 7, 2012

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License Suspension

As a Boise Criminal Defense Attorney I deal a lot with the Idaho Transportation Department.  The reason I have so much contact has to do with license suspensions.

DUI License Suspension

Many people are aware that there is a mandatory license suspension when you are convicted of a DUI.  This is a requirement established by Idaho Statute and the length of which will be determined by how many times you have been convicted of driving under the influence.  The license suspension applies to driving under the influence of alcohol as well as drugs including illegal drugs such as marijuana, meth or over the counter or prescription drugs.

DWP License Suspension

All criminal lawyers will tell you that DWP is a slippery slope and it's true.  If you already have a suspended license because of something like a DUI and you get pulled over, you are going to get an additional license suspension on top of the one that you already have.  It won't start running until the current one expires.

License Suspension for Minors

There are special rules that apply to suspensions for juveniles.  A minor can be be cited with a DUI for any amount of alcohol in the blood stream.  Whereas a license suspension for an adult on a first time DUI would be for 30 days absolute and then between 60-150 days where you can ask for a restricted license, the law is much tougher with minors.  A minor DUI carries a 1 year suspension with a 90 day absolute.

There are other ways that minors can get there license suspended as well.  If a minor, under the age of 17 is convicted of a traffic offense, there are automatically given notice that if they receive another conviction they will have their license suspended for 30 days.  A third conviction would carry a 60 day suspension.  This continues until the minor reaches 17.  If a minor receives a suspension a day before their 17th birthday, the suspension will run its course, regardless of the age of the minor.

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