Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Divorce can get ugly.  As a Boise Divorce Attorney I have seen some really unsavory divorce and custody actions.  It is my job as a divorce lawyer to try to help you to go through the process without high conflict.  This isn't always possible.  It depends to a great deal upon the individuals, the degree of animus and the level of maturity of the parties.  However, as many Boise Divorce Attorneys will attest, there are a few things that you, as an individual, can do to help your divorce go smoothly.

One of the biggest areas of conflict in divorce and custody actions has to do with a new partner, spouse or significant other.  Keeping your divorce issues and your custody issues between you, your soon-to-be ex partner and your lawyers is far better than including your new boyfriend or girlfriend in the mix.

Being timely for visitation drop off and pick up and being courteous about potential conflicts are other important elements in divorce.  Often conflict begins here.  The parties, because they are at odds, begin to use their children to get back at the other party.  If someone is late for visitation drop off, the other party might use that against them or to claim they are not fit to be a parent.  Divorce is very hard on children and no child deserves to be put in the middle of a custody dispute.

Being up front and honest with your soon-to-be ex and with the attorneys is also critical to the process and the outcome of a divorce.  Incomes for child support calculations, use of community savings and care of community property are areas where people will often try to hide or fudge or somehow use to deceive the other party.  You are obliged by law to be honest about your income and to care for the goods of the community.  Lying about your income to decrease your child support obligation or destroying community property out of spite are sure ways to create a high conflict divorce.  Just a note about child support.  People often don't want to divulge their full incomes because they don't want the other party to get their money.  Child support is just what it says it is.  It is to support your child.

There is no guarantee that your divorce will go smoothly but using common sense and civility will go a long way in helping your divorce go quickly and with a low level of conflict.  There are of course certain issues which may result in conflict.  Your attorney knows how to manage these and it is far better to discuss these with your divorce lawyer rather than directly with the other party.

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