Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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As a Boise Criminal Attorney I often assist juveniles who have been charged with a crime.  Minors accused of crime are treated differently than adults charged with a crime.  The policy behind different treatment has to do with accepting responsibility and understanding consequences.  Adults are expected to do this, whereas juveniles are given more fudge room.

Often juvenile matters are processed through the courts informally.  Even though a case will be set for hearing, the matter may not actually be heard in the courtroom.    If a minor has a Boise Criminal Lawyer representing them, the judge will work the matter out between the prosecuting attorney (the state's lawyer) and private counsel.  Once this is done the judge will speak to the minor and informally finalize the case.

By its very nature as a juvenile matter, the penalty will be less severe than that of an adult.  However, it can be substantially less if the minor has a strong support system.  There are minors that have no stable adults in their lives and live in very unfavorable situations.  If this is the case the juvenile will receive a harsh penalty (though very likely less than an adult charged with the same crime).  If the juvenile has a stable family life with many support anchors, a juvenile court judge will be likely to give a fairly light sentence aimed at rehabilitating the juvenile.

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